Common pests in Gippsland & Melbourne’s South-East

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Common Household Problems

There are a large number of pest control issues commonly dealt with in the Gippsland region. While the following list is not exhaustive it does give an indication of the most common problems in residential areas here.

  • Mice and Rat infestations are common, especially where there are sources of food for them.
  • Cockroaches are everywhere in Gippsland where they absolutely love our summer and humid weather, this means inside your house too.
  • Possums regularly take up residence in small spaces in roof cavities of homes and need to be captured, removed and sealed out.
  • Spiders can have thousands of babies, so infestations can be common if preventative measures aren’t taken to keep them at bay.


Safe & Affordable Pest Control Solutions

We utilise the most high-tech equipment and knowledge. This means that you can rest assured knowing you are keeping your family safe while still keeping the pests at bay. We minimise pesticide usage and choose to use non-toxic methods for both indoor and outdoor applications whenever available for any particular application.

Because of our advanced and highly-effective methods for combating insect and rodent intruders, we can offer a cheaper service than many other operators and longer guarantees against new infestations. Our expert pest controllers will not only solve your current pest crisis, but we can also review your current situation and detect any signs of future problems that may arise.

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